Fata Morgana

Hello, my name is Jane
(I write here)
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02 December
— boat & kite

there is much talk today about people becoming ‘anchors’ for others

but you are not a rope intertwined
with complex intentions
keeping me safe in a harbour
(I am not a boat nor vessel)

you are spool of glass string;
a single line of simple, transparent intention
tied to my feet
never holding me to shore
never keeping me at bay;
you give me full reign of the skies
( You deem me a kite)
you make infinite my flight

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27 October

Stinging eyes thinking
of the times I’ve hurt you
I feel aches in my palms
weakness in my joints
like my astral body’s
non-physical death
for the times I’ve hurt you unintentionally.
I cross hearts
uncross fingers— I never want to hurt you again
never want to see that split-second face fall
never want to turn away from expressions
I cannot understand
cross fingers
uncross hearts
we keep things so simple
it’s easy to see when we become
quick smiling, dyadic facades

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22 October

the Irish invented the spaces between words

to cope with an unfamiliar language
to find the [b]eginnings
to find the end[s]

I never realised the spaces [b]etween u[s]
until you began moving 
and the tide the sun the wind the moon

[b]ecame marker[s]
for our time
and apart

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20 October
— yes,

you have taken the sad out of me
but you have taken everything else too

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18 October

Canisters of undeveloped film
reminders that I have not rendered
your colour, your composition— those
segments of hued breaths you
took between shutter-shuts
as your stutter-stuck

lovely; these glimpses of your unraveling

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16 October

I saw the universe
in her eyes, 
which, to her,
were vast, empty spheres

"The stars have all left
and you have ‘fix-me’ arms”

I felt so sleepy between her orbits // I feel so star-like between her lips

So I told her,
"I understand why the stars have left,
I understand why you have to go too

I still see the universe in your eyes”

fading, she blinked between worlds,
and so she said,
"You are a dying sun and I
concede to the gravitational pull of your light”

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05 October

all the metaphors they employ
proclaiming from;
top of lungs / bottom of hearts 
do not apply
to my body parts
they are not spliced

I feel no distinct placement with you
only certainty that 
you are simply 

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03 October
— Electric beach baby

Mid-day is a strict composer
with stable hands
so by nighttime 

my body is
a symphony
of aches

In slumber
my organs chime
for the comfort your words lend


I dream of your name written
          the way a wave draws ripples

               through the beach sand 
                     your quiet sends currents
                               through my nerve ends

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27 September
— Selfish

When I ask you about your day; about the ache in your feet, about the tiredness crinkled between your brows, about the weight knotted in your shoulders…Was work kind to you today?

When I ask you about your day, all I am really asking is, “have you missed me today?”

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21 August

it’s so silly how
lovely nights are automatically
only half as lovely
when you are not here with me